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Successful people everywhere have known for as long as time the real secret, and it’s time for you to embrace the truth too: you really DO have the power in you to manifest your needs and your dreams.

From the desk of Cathleen Campbell:
Date: Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.

Dear Hopeful Manifesting Master In-the-Making,

You’re about to discover what successful people everywhere have known for as long as time:you really DO have the power in you to manifest your needs and your dreams.

The adage goes “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” In fact, that’s the reason why you’ve been attracted to reading this page: you are ready to learn how to manifest cash successfully, so you have manifested this tool! You have drawn to yourself the resources you need to make that shift. And I’m here to tell you that you really can do it.

But before I tell you what I am offering, I want to tell you what Manifesting Abundant Cash isn’t:

What you won’t find here though is another internet get-rich-quick product. You won’t find a self-help book that promises you’ll become a supermodel and multimillionaire in a week. You won’t find a bunch of nonsense about how all you have to do is visualize and your dreams will come true.

Because the reality is if these things were true, and if visualizing was all that was needed, we’d all have done it by now!

Through listening to your Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation and following just a few simple instructions, what you will find are some of the real answers you’ve been looking for, the real insights you perhaps guessed at but couldn’t really figure out and the real ways to create what you desire.

How do I know? Because this is what I do and it’s who I am. I’ve created some amazing things for myself – not the kind that come from being one of the chosen few, but the kind that are believable, achievable and readily available to everyone if you understand how to consciously apply your energies to manifest what you desire.

So, what really happens when someone correctly applies the real “secrets” of manifesting and uses Universal Laws effectively?

Quite frankly, miracles abound. In order to really be successful at manifesting, however, you just have to broaden your understanding of miracles to include more than winning the lottery.

The internet is full of get-rich quick programs and products promising miraculous, lottery-style winnings. In simple frustration or under dire straights, the notion that we can simply visualize millions into our hands seems too good to be true. Strapped for cash as we are, we still buy the tapes, programs and books anyway. Yet we don’t seem to be making any progress are we? Bookstores are bursting with new books, the economy and job markets are suffering. For all that hard work, we’re getting further and further behind! It’s time to admit what we’ve been doing isn’t working.

It’s time to stop all that efforting so we can start
successfully manifesting.

The truth is while I wish I could, I can’t give you back the part of your life you’ve lost to years of frustrating failure, overwhelm, trauma, disappointment and pain about your finances. But I can give you something much more important: the tools you can use for the rest of your life to successfully manifest your needs, desires and dreams. And once you start using these tools you can begin creating positive results for yourself from this day forward.

You may have come to this page because you are struggling terribly with cash, perhaps having almost none at all. You know you are in a Poverty Prison. You feel the despair and fear clearly. But what if you have a steady job, are on top of your bills and have a bit of savings put away? The reality is that until you have enough cash to afford the things you need and want without having to exchange your precious life hours for dollars, the experience may seem nicer but you’re still a prisoner of your debts both present and future. Either way, it’s time to break out of this Povery Prison. It’s time to learn how to Manifest Abundant Cash, for your now and your future.

Are you ready to learn the real story about what we’ve been doing wrong?

Better still, get ready to learn how to manifest correctly. I can guarantee once you learn how, you’ll never want to “effort” yourself into failure again.

On this page, I’m going to tell you the reality of manifesting. This is a real story…I can guarantee you its genuine, because I’m my own best student and client. And because for almost two decades I’ve taught over ten thousand people how to successfully and effectively use ALL their energies to manifest successfully.

Personally, I don’t like to do things the hard way. I don’t want to have to spend my time and energy recreating the wheel, nor do I want to keep spinning my wheels trying to figure things out on my own when I could learn from someone else’s example.

The challenge I found when trying to learn to manifest myself, was that nobody seemed to have a complete formula!

Everyone had a piece of the puzzle. All the gurus in the world seemed to have one aspect down really well, but when I applied what they told me I only got so-so results. Or sometimes I actually got negative results! I was still frustrated and scared. Was I going to spend the rest of my life getting mediocre results, failing much of the time? What was the point of practically killing myself for the majority of my life just so I could hopefully get some rest and an early-bird special priced dinner in the end? That didn’t seem fair. And it didn’t make sense.

So I spent years studying what the masters taught, what successful people in every walk of life share. I studied day and night to learn what I was missing. Spending thousands of hours and any extra cash I ever had, finally I used my entire life’s savings pouring over books, tapes, classes and personal sessions with masters.

Why was I so dedicated to finding the real answers?

Well, I had to. It’s easy to give up when life is fairly pleasant. When things are going along “ok” we can forget that time is passing us by, or that we could have become something better. But I had the strongest reason of all to learn about manifesting: I had an injury and was in constant pain. Nothing doctors could do for me worked. And surgery wasn’t an option due to the location of my injury.

You see, I wasn’t just trying to learn how to attract material things, I was trying to learn how to manifest wellbeing.

I simply had to figure out the answer, and figure it out, I did. I took notes, kept a journal of success and failures and pretty soon I had begun to create more successes and more consistently. As my understanding grew, I kept refining my how-to formula.

Thus I was able to craft my own creation recipe, a simple formula that everyone can follow to manifest with conscious intention whatever they desire in any area of life they wish.

A recipe, or a formula, works EVERY time not just occasionally. Follow the instructions and while you might not have a masterpiece, you should have something satisfactory at the very least. And that’s what I created: a recipe for creation. My clients know it as the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula and using this formula, they have learned – just like you will – to consistently create more of what they want, rather than having to constantly fight or fix what they don’t want.

Once you learn the real formula for creating what you desire, what people mean by “manifesting”, you too will be both shocked at how truly “easy” it is, and relieved at finally learning that there’s nothing wrong with you – you just either didn’t have the right information or the full story. The truth is there’s nothing “wrong” with you per se, it’s just that you’ve not yet learned how to use your energy effectively.

And before we go any further, we need to have a clear understanding of what “easy” really means because after so much trying and failing, to be told it’s easy can be a huge turn-off. I know, that’s how I used to feel too. But the reality is that once you do learn, once you do begin to embody the essence of the skills you’ll learn, you’ll agree too that manifesting really is easy.

In fact, learning to manifest is just like learning to ride a bike!

Do you remember trying to learn to ride your first bike? Of course at first you were yearning for that shiny new bike. So eager and excited. And then it came. But before you could enjoy the adventure of freedom your new bike was destined to give you, you had to learn how to ride it. And so, someone more experienced explained the technical steps. Place hands here, put feet there. Depress in equal measure, etc. You tried and failed, tried and failed. Perhaps you fell off or wiped out. If you were like most kids, though you felt frustrated and wondered if you’d ever truly get it, you kept right on trying. Why? Because you knew that eventually you’d stumble upon the missing element. The thing you hadn’t been told, the rhythm you needed to maintain equilibrium. And how did you know this? Well, you had plenty of examples of other kids – some smarter or dumber, stronger or weaker – and they all could ride bikes. So you assumed you could too.

And then one day, one very fine day indeed you got back up in the saddle. This time you weren’t really paying attention. You were tired of being so eager and frustrated. So this time you just went about it with half-hearted effort knowing that if you fell again you’d drop your bike and go off to play something else. But this time something different happened. This time you began to soar. This time you got it!

To us, riding a bike seems like such given. Practically everyone can do it. But remember this: not even 200 years ago if you told the average person someday we’d be sitting on a seat steering two wheels and gliding along for transportation, they’d think you were nuts! The same thing with flying, mobile phones and the list goes on. But today, we take these things and our ability to operate them for granted, don’t we?

Just like with anything else, from the moment you embodied all the technical skills necessary to ride a bike, you knew two things: one, that it was easy after all; and two, that you’d be able to do it for the rest of your life.

It’s the same with manifesting:

Once you learn how to align your energies directed at what you desire to create, having removed all resistance, concentrating with complete detachment and allowing your desire to come into your reality, you simply can’t not attract into your life what you desire and more.

It doesn’t take long to practice once you’ve got the formula, but some people completely turn off in disbelief either because they’re tired of all the wasted effort they’ve already spent, or they’ve been inundated by all the marketing hype, but the truth is:

Now You CAN learn the Missing Piece of the Manifesting Puzzle so you can

Choose to Consciously Manifest Your Reality

In fact, you’re manifesting right now…right at this very moment. The challenge is you’re not just manifesting the

things you do desire, you’re actually manifesting all that you experience in your reality – all the things you desire and those you don’t!

We’re actually all manifesting, every day, but most of us aren’t consciously aware of what or how we’re doing it.

Learning the tools to consciously manifest seems to take so very long. We feel like we’re spinning our wheels and spending our time and effort without getting any real results. We are getting results, it’s just that the results we’re getting aren’t the ones we want because we’re not yet aware how to use the tools effectively.

You’ve probably heard from so-called gurus that you can manifest your reality by just thinking about what you want. In a way, it makes sense that if we could only get ourselves to think positive thoughts all the time we might just end up creating more positive things in our lives. But then again, we know that’s both impossible and implausible.

In reality, it’s not physically possible to think positively 100% of the time.

How many times have you had a terrible thought about a family member or a coworker? We don’t expect these negative thoughts to become reality, and thank goodness they don’t. You see, it’s just not true that you manifest solely based on your thoughts. For if it were, we’d all be in a much different place by now. Nope. There’s something else.

So then we learn from another guru that it’s our feelings, our emotions that cause us to create what we experience in life. And so we’re off and running thinking we’ve finally found the answer. It makes sense, right? So we use all our might to force any negative feelings away. We strive to keep a smile on our face and joy in our heart. It takes a lot of effort because once again, we’re fighting our human nature which is to have a full range of feelings not just one side or the other. And if we’ve been an especially negative person, it can seem impossible to be so happy all the time. But we have to if we’re going to create what we want, right? Because we know that when we feel good, good things happen.

Then again, how many times have you ever known someone who was feeling good and had a bad thing happen? We’ve heard instances of an accident occurring right at the time when things seem to be going so well. And no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the world. So once again we realize that no, having positive feelings all the time just isn’t the answer, and it can’t be.

There has to be a more realistic answer. And there is.

But before you learn the real “secrets” and establish what’s right and what’s not, I’m going to put in writing one of the most radical things you’ll ever read: not everyone is going to become a multi-millionaire. Not even everyone who listens to my meditation cd or who works in private sessions with me or any other expert on the subject of manifesting. Not everyone will succeed in the kind of astounding fashion the marketers want you to believe.

There. I said it. Radical, isn’t it? The internet and bookstores are chock full of books and programs all stating that everyone can become multi-millionaires. (Oh yeah, and glamorously fit supermodels, legendary lovers and so forth!) But that’s not the truth, and everybody knows it.

So does that mean Manifesting is A Bunch Of Hype?

It’s an excellent question. The answer is the process of Manifesting isn’t a bunch of hype, just the pipe dreams that some people try to sell.

Year after year I too tried to learn how to manifest millions, or how to release 20 pounds instantly. I’d pour my heart, soul and body into the program du jour. And time after time I found myself even more disappointed than before. I knew there was something I was missing. Part of what was missing was a true understanding of the creation formula.

But one of the most important missing parts was that what the gurus told me should be my goals were most often not the right ones for me!

Either they were too advanced or didn’t align with what I truly wanted for myself, what my higher self desired. Learning both the formula and how to tell what my heart really desired was the key to creating the most abundant life I’ve ever known.

So you see, I too was skeptical when I’d read a new book, or watch the phenomenally best-selling DVD, “The Secret.” Some of the gurus featured did speak of their past difficulties, and while that was encouraging, I just knew that it felt a bit wrong somehow. I knew deep in my soul that if all it took to create what I desired was to think about it in a positive way, I’d have done it already. I know exactly how you feel, because I felt the same way too…

Something had to be blocking me. There had to be something else!

In the early years, my own personal coaches would tell me that it was all my “fault” or that I was blocking myself intentionally, I knew there was something else. When they told me that if I’d just do as they say I’d become fantastically rich, I knew they were wrong. One well-meaning coach told me, “Cathleen, you are blocking yourself because you don’t want to be successful. If you could just imagine in your mind a picture of what you want to create, within moments that would become your new reality.” How frustrating and incredibly wrong! I not only wanted to be successful, I was spending everything I had to become a success. And as for visualizing, well, that coach didn’t realize she was speaking to a trained artist!

From the time I was a small child I loved to draw and paint. I saw worlds that were my own creation. By the time I got into high school I was becoming quite skilled, and even earned awards in national competitions. As an artist, I have always been highly visual. Seeing and creating new visions comes as naturally to me as breathing. What this coach didn’t understand is that I really WAS already seeing myself living the life I deeply desired. I was practicing her vision techniques daily. And the more I practiced, the more sad, lonely and frustrated I became.

Have you read or been told that all you have to do is envision yourself living the life you desire? The story goes that if you can really get into the scene, really smell it, taste it, feel it, hear it and review it with great clarity it simply has to become your new reality. Seems simple enough, right? Just get good at making up pictures in your mind and do it over and over again until it feels more like a memory than a made up idea you created out of thin air.

Well, if you don’t already know it for yourself let me save you some valuable time and heartache. That’s not how it works!

The problem isn’t that you can’t “see” yourself wealthy – heck, we can all envision ourselves in so many different scenes simply by watching TV and superimposing our own faces on those of the actors. We see images of wealth and abundance all around us. Even though we all have different senses that are our primary sense, the visual sense has been trained well by our media hungry society.

The challenge is that visualization is only ONE tool in manifesting!

It’s like trying to build a house with a hammer and ONLY a hammer. A hammer won’t get you anywhere! You also need the wood, nails, plans and so forth. Otherwise swinging that hammer will only get you more and more tired and definitely more frustrated!

And after all that hard work, isn’t it frustrating to find out…you don’t really need to visualize to manifest successfully at all. But here’s a new insight for you: in fact, sometimes visualizing actually keeps you away from your desires!

You see, I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there too!

Time and time again I’d hear of a new book or program and get excited, though with each new instance my excitement had become tempered with a growing cynicism. I was skeptical when I first saw the DVD, “The Secret”. From my own experience and direct contact with some of the featured experts, I knew what the film depicted wasn’t the whole answer, something kept telling me to keep searching.

And then it hit me like a bolt of lightening:

Whatever was creating the combination of energy I was experiencing, I was simply experiencing an energetic pattern!

Everything is energy. Period. And everything has a very specific formulation. A signature. I realized that I had a very specific vibrational frequency, an energetic signature. And that signature told the Universe and everyone and everything in it exactly how to interact with me!

Our thoughts and our feelings are only a small fraction of what goes into making up our vibrational frequency.

No wonder why I couldn’t make things work! My conscious thoughts were just a small fraction of what I was thinking, and that was an even smaller part of my entire energetic signature. And the positive ones I was choosing were an even smaller fraction as well. The truth was that I had no idea what my subconscious mind was sending out, but I began to realize it could not have been good!

The reason why we so often fail at creating what we want is that our efforts at conscious creation are more like jumping overboard trying to drag an ocean liner around with a life preserver rather than simply directing the ship’s powerful equipment.

With all the lack of information and the inaccuracies too, we’ve been fed what about to so many manifesting lies. The TRUTH about Manifesting LIES

you can’t visualize your fortune into being
it’s impossible to feel positive 100% of the time
your conscious mind isn’t powerful enough to manifest anything meaningful on it’s own
the harder you work at manifesting, the less successful you will be
there’s more to it than any one book can teach you
the more you consciously concentrate on your true desire, the more quickly it will come to you

The real truth is that the moment you begin manifesting work on what you desire, you may actually be manifesting desiring it more than the actual realization of your desire!

By opening yourself up to the awareness that what you desire actually isn’t there, you also open yourself up to aligning with that lack vibration. If you are not in vibrational alignment with the thing you seek, you are simply in alignment with not having it. That’s why most manifesting programs don’t work: you’re accidentally aligning yourself with that which you no longer want, and you don’t know it!

Vibrational alignment is the totality of our ENTIRE vibrational frequency. It’s not just one thing or the other. It’s a combination of things that make up the whole. So if your vibrational alignment is teetering near the thing you wish, then yes, maybe then just a little visualization or conscious affirming will tilt the frequency enough to have you receiving what you desire.

But, as is most often the case, if what you consciously desire to create is far outside your current vibrational frequency, then even spending countless hours visualizing will never be enough.

That’s what’s like trying to turn an ocean liner around all by yourself paddling in your life preserver! Your personal force is a limited commodity. You will never have enough physical power to manually turn an ocean liner around. Just like you may never have enough force to turn your frequency to the right channel.

When what we desire is far out of alignment with our current vibrational frequency, we need POWER to shift our frequency into harmony.

And just as with any process, when you apply the correct tools the shifts are easy.

Changing our thoughts or feelings no matter how hard we work at it can actually be so small of an effort that it’s akin to trying to drag an ocean liner around by strapping yourself to a life preserver attached to the ship by a rope! It is true that one positive thought is a thousand times stronger than a negative one. It is also true that we can change the course of our lives with our thoughts and our feelings. But that’s provided we don’t have any resistance to the new thoughts and feelings.

How do we know if we have resistance? Sometimes it shows up in our actions, sometimes in a repetitive idea, and sometimes our emotions give us a clue.

If we are not living what we consciously desire to create there is resistance. And if we look for it, we’ll find what that resistance is.

So I began to keep track of not just what I was consciously choosing to think, but all the habitual thoughts that came in and out of my conscious mind. The combination formed a very, very interesting and yet disturbing picture. My thoughts WERE a directive force behind all I was experiencing. It was becoming clearer to me…my thoughts were creating my reality. But it wasn’t just my thoughts, it was more.

As frustration gave way to being more and more open, new insights poured in, until finally one day I realized that since everything is energy, we’re energy too and so are the patterns we live in our daily lives. The realization I had changed the course of my life, and has helped so many people like you finally understand what had been eluding us our whole lives: we are energetic beings transmitting a very specific and unique vibrational frequency, a signature.

It is our VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY that draws to us whatever we experience in life!

Just like a radio, we’re transmitting and receiving frequencies all the time. You can either sit there and endure whatever’s coming in, OR you can consciously choose to shift the controls until you reach the frequency you like. You CAN change the channel until you hear the music that you feel is most harmonious!

They key to living our desired intentions is to align our vibrational signature to be in harmonic resonance with our desires.

Realizing this incredible insight into the truth of manifesting, I began to search and study in earnest just how to recognize, change and manage our vibrational frequency. Just like learning how to master anything, it does take some time and effort to learn how and then a bit more to acquire not just the skill but even an artistry to it. But the simple truth is that everyone can master and manage their own vibrational frequency. Once you master this imperative life skill, you’ll enjoy a sense of peace and security you never knew exists.

Master manifesters and metaphysical gurus like Wallace Wattles have given us the scientific laws that govern manifesting. But I discovered without having a formula, a process to follow it’s almost impossible to know when and how or even if you are accessing those laws!

While there are specific methods that work consistently, there are many paths leading to these specific methods. Some seem to come by these methods intuitively, while others have an innate talent. Still others, like myself and you, have to spend some time consciously learning skills and then devote even more time to mastering them as a master artist would to produce consistent masterpieces. While artistry is a nebulous quality, I discovered there were basic components necessary for success that even a beginner can effectively utilize.

As I said before, I don’t like to do things the hard way! While I love to be creative, I prefer to start out with a recipe that I can rely on and then make the dish my own. Combining all the techniques and tools I learned from all my years of study gave me the basic ingredients to work with, and practice gave me the understanding as to how the ingredients for manifesting go together. These ingredients make up the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula.

When I learned both how to use this formula, and how to identify what was truly in my heart…that’s when the magic began happening for me in consistently wonderful ways.

But I still had one hurdle left to get over. Happy as I was with my new results, I was still frustrated and concerned that I’d not yet become the instant millionaire I was “supposed” to be. No matter how many wonderful things I’d created, I still felt like a failure. All the gurus, books, tapes, seminars and programs all blatantly claimed that if only I would follow their materials to the letter, I too could become an instant millionaire. On the outside, maybe it might take a year or so, but I would most definitely become financially overflowing instantaneously.

Yeah. Well, that didn’t work out for me either.

So I went back to the drawing board researching, testing, discarding, sampling and working like a dog to find out why I couldn’t be a multi-millionaire too, right this moment. It was frustrating culling through all the miles of material that all claimed I could be, without one solid answer as to why it wasn’t happening for me.

And then it dawned on me: I was looking in the wrong place, and so I was getting answers…just the wrong ones.

You see like so many other people, I’d been putting all my effort into figuring out why I wasn’t becoming a millionaire. So each day I awoke looking at what I didn’t have, lamenting over it, pining after it, cursing those who had it, resenting others like me who seemed to be holding me back.

The TRUTH was: the more I looked for my reason for failure, the more I found it and worse…the more I lived it!

When I began working in earnest on manifesting “true wealth” I had just left the corporate world. Going out on my own for the first time in my life was frightening. No longer would I have a regular paycheck “guaranteed” to come in at the end of the pay period. No longer could I hope for and then resent the small bonus I would almost always get. There was no big company accounting department to write off even the smallest of expenses. It was going to be me, all me, all the time!

Day after day, week after week, month after month and what seemed like year after year, I would worry and wonder over my income. When would the next client come? How would I pay the next bill? What if I failed? Every day seemed like the one before, no matter how many clients I had or how many accolades for my work. I awoke for so long with renewed anxiety and an impending sense of failure. And each day I felt I had to start from scratch to clear myself of these feelings just so I could function in my work effectively.

But then one day I suddenly became aware of my new reality: it had been almost 3 years since I left the corporate world. Yeah, um, 3 years and here I STILL was. I had always managed to pay my bills, put a little savings aside, buy new clothes, give gifts, go out to dinners and shows, travel several times a year, etc. In fact, I realized that my lifestyle had actually gotten BETTER. But how could this be?

Manifesting. That’s how.

You see I’d manifested all those things, each and every one of them.

Some of those things were gifts to me. In other instances I benefited from special sales or discounts. And while I wasn’t traveling as much as I had when I worked for a corporation, the travel I did enjoy was so much more enjoyable than the crazy jet-set life of a corporate marketer.

So if I’d manifested ALL of these things and more,

I began to realize that I was actually manifesting NOT being financially secure!

How? Well, two things.

First, by concentrating on the problem, we actually keep recreating it!

Second, what we think we want and

what we actually want might be two different things!

The more we engage in these two simple mistakes, the more attached we get to our outcome, and the more we actually push our abundance away!

The Real “Secret” Behind Successful Manifesting

No matter what you wish to manifest, the process is always the same…

Harmonize your vibrational frequency

to that which you wish to attract into your life

and you will simply magnetize it to yourself!

Sounds complicated, right? Well, it’s not. And best of all, it’s far easier than all the efforting you’ve been engaging in trying so hard to get less than desirable results.

Let me give you an example, a clear example, of just how manifesting works. I could give you the amazing story of how my business came together, or some other dramatic tale. But those stories can be misleading just like the internet get-rich-quick stories can. Why? Because even in a detailed reporting, you may get the impression that what took me a few year to build was a snap. The truth, more often, is that the larger things we want in life take time – perhaps because we need to become ready for them, or just the timing involved in getting all the components to work together.

Instead, here I’ll give you a finite story involving cash and clearly showing you how easily the entire process works. In the following simple, personal example of mine you’ll be able to see just how Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction REALLY work. And best of all, if you can begin on small creations like this you’ll begin to train yourself for success and build your understanding. As I often say to my clients, practice on parking! So, just like I do with my own clients, I’m going to show you exactly the steps that I take to make my consciously chosen intentions turn into my tangible reality, right here and now:

First, decide what it is that you truly want.

Sound easy? It’s hard to believe but this is the place most people get stumped. Without deciding consciously by choice what it is we really want, we’ll simply keep manifesting by default. So it’s essential that we start getting good at figuring out our heart’s desires. Yet often we either don’t know what we really want or we don’t know what we want at all. Sometimes the best place to start is to figure out what it is you don’t want and work backwards from there.

Next, actually ask for what you want.

Ask who? It’s not so much who as the “how” of asking that’s important.

So how do you ask for what you want? Why your Vibrational Frequency of course!

Every day without even being aware of it you are transmitting your vibrational frequency out to the Universe, to Source Energy, God or whatever you would like to call it. And every day you are receiving the answer to your request: whatever your current reality is simply is the harmonious response to your vibrational frequency. It may not feel harmonious to you, but we’re talking frequency here not emotional peace.

Keep clearing blocks.

Since we get back what we send out, we simply must keep drawing to ourselves more experiences, people, things, memories and so forth that will help us continue to vibrate at that frequency.

Many so-called manifesting experts will say the very fact that when you open a bill you are feeling the need for cash and that is what manifests the cash.

Well, for some that’s true. However most people open a bill and begin to worry, they tune up their lack vibration! What the overall vibration sent out does, fueled by that worry, is to bring back more and more bills. Or worse, given enough vibrating at the “more bills, no cash to pay” frequency, we may lose our jobs!

The challenge? Honestly, we’re all looking for a quick and easy fix. Reading about the Law of Attraction sounds great. Yep, give me some more of that. But the Law of Attraction is only one step! It’s a starting point! Attempting to manifest true abundance by using only one of the Universal Laws is not only pointless, it can be downright destructive.

Like it or not, we’re all asking, we’re actively engaging in using ALL the Universal Laws whether we know it or not. And while we can choose to manifest consciously, asking for the very specific things we want, the truth is you don’t have to be exacting or detailed, your vibrational frequency will draw to you all that resonates in harmony:

*vibrate at peace and you will experience peaceful situations and people…

*vibrate at anger and everyone and everything around you will seem designed to make you mad as a disturbed hornet!

As you move through your days, take notice of your experiences. Are you truly moving closer to your desired creations? Are you seeing real and tangible manifestations telling you that you’re on track? Or do you feel further and further away, more stuck, depressed, angry or scared?

Clear away the blocks and soon you’ll be experiencing what the Law of Attraction is all about, more and more, greater and greater experiences of what you desire to experience.

The final step?

Allow and accept.

In fact, the experiences we have, things we receive and people in our lives ARE the answer. They are the answer to the requests we’ve been sending out – whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

One of the biggest challenges we face in not successfully manifesting is that we say No to the answers we’re getting!

The Universe responds by setting in motion an ever-evolving succession of more and more situations, people, events, experiences, thoughts, feelings and so forth that are a harmonic match to the vibration we’ve sent out. Before we fully launch a conscious thought, our answers are already coming to us.

But I know what you’re thinking…

“It Sounds Good, but that’s Not What Happens to Me!”

Well, you’re right. It does sound good. And it seems that it doesn’t happen that way in real life. But that’s because the final step is usually left out, misunderstood…or ignored!

That’s right: manifesting IS easy. But it’s NOT sitting on the couch coming up with dreamy visions that magically come to you via special delivery!

Every day we have the opportunity to refine, fine-tune and adjust all the elements that make up our vibrational frequency.

We have the power to keep tuning the channels until we like what we’re getting back!

But we get disappointed, frustrated and feel so dumb, unworthy and ashamed. We’ve never been taught this valuable lesson, and so we give up right before we’re about to create real abundance.

We look at the results we’re living and mistakenly decide we’ve failed at manifesting. Or, disappointed by our seemingly lack-filled results, we conclude that we aren’t worthy or somehow we’re just not meant to live our dreams.

Instead, what we should be doing is seeing our current reality through the eyes of a master manifester!

Now that you know the steps, here’s that personal example to follow – and remember, this is a small example that involves some real and unexpected cash:

Deciding that I didn’t have the kind of jeans that I wanted, I chose to manifest the perfect pair of new jeans. But because this was a manifesting exercise, I chose to manifest these jeans easily, in a fun way, and for FREE or not using any cash I currently had. Checking in, I could sense that I wasn’t in-tune with having these new jeans in this special way. How did I know this? Because after a day or two I still didn’t have the jeans, but rather I did have a whole set of thoughts and feelings arising that were keeping me blocked from having them.

Well, right away we can find our first block, because any woman can tell you finding the perfect pair of jeans can be an endless quest. The sizes are funky, the styles are varied and the costs can be practically astronomical. Clearing each of these beliefs, I relaxed into having my new jeans come to me more and more.

But remember, I also wanted to manifest them without using cash I either had or knew I was getting (like my salary) and I wanted them to come to me in a special way. So I kept clearing and getting into that in-tune space.

As I did so, more and more I could actually see and feel myself trying on that fabulous new pair of jeans and smiling as I remembered how they came to me. Like a memory, these moments of visualization weren’t just in my head, I felt them in every part of my being. More and more then in my real life, I would see jeans that I liked. And then I realized one day that I loved my favorite pair of jeans so much, what I really wanted was to manifest a newer pair from this same company (notice the refining of what my true heart’s desires are?), because I always got such great compliments in them.

So realizing this, I took out that pair and looked at them. The more I looked, the more I realized that I’d not worn them recently because while we want our jeans to look worn in, the tears in them were getting too big. And one in particular was right on the inside leg seam. It dawned on me that this pair of jeans was only a year old. The seams should not have been ripping! So I sent a short email to the company on their web site stating that I’d been looking for a new pair of jeans but I was hesitant to purchase again from them due to the quality of this pair. I asked them to advise what they felt the life of their jeans were, and told them I was sure it should be more than a year since I used to be in the fashion industry. I sent the email and let it go, thinking at most I’d get an apology email or maybe a coupon.

Letting that go, I opened myself up even more for this special new pair of jeans and the wonderful way in which they would appear. Little did I know how much fun I was about to have!

Within a few days I got a phone call – yep, a real live person! – from that jean company. They wanted to thank me for bringing to their attention the issue, and asked if I would be willing to bring in my old pair of jeans so they could study them…if they REPLACED THEM FOR FREE!

We made an appointment for me to visit one of their local stores where the manager already knew I was coming. The staff was so eager to help and happy to make me happy. I tried on several pair with personal service from the manager, and we chose a pair that were really flattering. When we went to the checkout, I asked how much I owed given that this new pair cost about 25% more than my original. And she replied that it was their pleasure, I owed nothing.

Moreover, when I returned home that day, I found in my mailbox an unexpected check from a happy former client. This client was so happy and eager to thank me, she sent me a check for a hundred dollars as a gift, her way of saying an extra thank you for helping her learn how to manifest.

I realized that I not only had gotten one pair of jeans plus a 25% increase in value for FREE, I could have bought 2 pair and still not used my existing cash!

Now jeans may not be important to you. And you may say it was silly to write that email. But energy is energy, and manifesting is manifesting.

Saying you don’t want to clear yourself or work on

learning manifesting tools is like saying

you want to eat a fabulous feast

but you don’t want to learn to cook!

The same process I used to create those wonderful new jeans is the exact same process I use to create all the abundance that I experience. What else have I created?

Most businesses fail within the first few years, but I manifested the same income I had while working a corporate job with less hours and my income is still growing! Since I learned to manifest consciously, I’ve manifested many trips, a return to wellbeing I never thought possible, amazing relationships and more. My finances flow more freely, and I have the ability to buy and pay for whatever I really want.

There are still things I want to create, in fact, as I get better at manifesting the list gets bigger and more exciting. I’m eager and happy to create now rather than dreading and fearing the outcome or lack of it.

The knowledge that what we ask for is already created and all we have to do is clear and align with it is incredibly empowering and exciting – once you begin to live it and know how to work it.

That’s why I’ve created this Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation series – and in particular this volume on Manifesting Abundant Cash.

You could spend a lifetime trying to master manifesting by creating treasure maps, writing out affirmations thousands of times or reading a million self-help books. But until you learn how to manage your vibration, you’ll not only be spinning your wheels, chances are you’ll be digging yourself in deeper.

Instead of giving you yet another task, I’ve developed a proprietary system of guided meditation using the astounding Emotional Freedom Technique as the architecture of delivery!

Now, by just listening to this guided meditation, and tapping along with it as instructed, you’ll be engaging so many different aspects on so very many levels! In this one recorded meditation you’ll be:

*Opening yourself up to more balanced energy.

*Becoming more centered AND correcting polarity imbalances.

*Clearing the stuck energy of emotions, thoughts and beliefs that have held you back.

*Opening up your conscious mind and heart to new possibilities and opportunities.

*Aligning your energies with what you really desire instead of fixing what you don’t.

*Engaging your super powerful subconscious mind to actively seek out and return to you experiences of increasing cash flow.

*Magnetizing yourself to the very thing you want…Manifesting Abundant Cash…Now!

Whether you listen to this meditation once, or make it a part of your regular energy routine, you’ll be activating powerful Universal forces engaging your creative powers and drawing to yourself more people, places, events and experiences all aligned with bringing you more cash!

In the process, if you’re new to Emotional Freedom Technique or if you’ve never used it in this way, you’ll begin to experience more and more calm and peaceful feelings, thoughts and experiences around the subject of cash.

This is the very process I’ve used to create:

*my internationally renown Energy & Feng Shui practice, teaching thousands how to access, manage and harness the power of their environment to support the creation of their desire intentions

*all the courses, teachers and guides I needed to learn how to be an authorized and expert Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner guiding clients just like you from chaos to victory

*new ideas and the production of these new ideas into products, programs and services attracting even more clients to me

*the creation of a beautiful web site, magnetically attractive marketing materials and more…

And each time I was able to clear my way through to saying YES to every little sign of life that my manifesting intentions were being born, they came to me more quickly and more abundantly. The more aligned I am, the more I attract!

This is where your work is.

Alignment is a word that’s been tossed around a lot lately. It’s just another way of saying “in vibrational harmonic resonance” with what you desire.

How do you know for sure you’re in alignment?

Check your reactions to the things around you, the things you are experiencing and those things you want to experience.

If you want more cash, but your thoughts and feelings sink every time you look at your meager paycheck, you are out of alignment with having more cash. The moment you find yourself saying “…it’s ONLY…” or feeling “…it’s too little!”…you can bet you’re out of alignment.

When you experience those reactions, you can be sure you are actually in alignment with wanting more…and that’s exactly what you’ll get: the experience of always wanting more!

But that’s only part of the picture!

Now go back to your desire again and check your actual reality: are you living your desired reality? While in the creation stages, many will mistakenly assess their progress or perhaps not see progress at all. How do they make this mistake? The stuck energy causing their perceptions to be blocked or completely inaccurate.

One of the best ways to be in alignment is to PRACTICE ALIGNMENT.

That’s right, practice being, doing and having what you desire. It’s how athletes and successful business people achieve greatness all the time. They don’t just visualize their dreams, they actually already are experiencing their dreams…even if they haven’t manifested yet.

This Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation will help you get there! Listen and tap away as the guided imagery not only clears away your stuck energy, but also helps you get into that being place…the place where you simply are already experiencing your desired manifestation, in this case, Manifesting Abundant Cash…Now.

As you work with this meditation, you’ll begin to feel more cash coming your way. You’ll see more opportunities to earn cash, receive cash and find cash. You’ll begin to relax around the subject of money, and you’ll begin to learn how to manifest intuitively.

You really CAN Become A Manifestation Magnet!

Living Harmony’s Magnetic Manifesting Meditation

Goes Way Beyond Visualization & Meditation

If you’ve never meditated before and have a hard time visualizing things in your mind then you’ll still be able to make this work for you. And if you’ve meditated every day for years with little or no tangible results other than feeling peaceful or being able to sit in lotus position for a long time, it’ll work for you too.


Because this system of meditation is a powerhouse packed with the most incredibly powerful energy management modalities created to date. I’ve packed this series with more than a DOZEN powerful and proven manifesting techniques all packed into a calming guided meditation. And the ultimate benefit: the more you listen and follow the directions, the less attached to both your outcome and the way it comes you’ll be. In other words, you’ll be intuitively learning how to manifest properly with detachment, the only way to manifest consistently and effectively.

You cannot want something and not include that wanting into your vibration.

By releasing both the energies blocking you from having your desire and the wanting of your desire, your manifestation efforts will become more and more powerfully effective.

Clients who have followed the Living Harmony formulas and processes have:

more than tripled monthly income in just 30 days
increased opt-in newsletter sign-ups by 500%+ translating into increased sales
increased annual earnings 600% using less traditional marketing reducing their cost of business for even more profits
increased sales over 120% in a declining market
generated over $100,000 worth of tangible abundance in less than 60 days
saved their home and avoided bankruptcy
reduced costs of regular expenses by more than 200% increasing their available cash to pay bills and enjoy a happy pre-paid vacation
…and much more cash-producing, cash-saving and cash attracting magnetic manifestations!

I guarantee that you haven’t experienced another meditation like mine, and once you begin to experience the Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation, you won’t want to keep doing things the hard way anymore!

You’re not going to get 3000 extra free items you can’t and won’t use. This is a simple product, with a simple process. Just:



*follow the guided instructions

*repeat as necessary

That’s it!

What you will learn through this process, however, will astound you.

Living Harmony Clients regularly report:

Learning How to deliberately feel good any time they choose

Finally figuring out the How of “letting go”

Understanding why they were failing no matter how hard they worked before

Realizing the difference between “visualizing” and “seeing in manifesting

And much, much more!

This guided meditation contains 60 minutes of instruction, guided imagery and directed energy work all engineered to help you begin to embody the lessons manifesting masters have tried to teach us for centuries.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Along with your Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation in direct downloadable MP3 format, you’llalso receive the Living Harmony EFT Basic Tutorial in direct downloadable PDF guiding you through the basic techniques of Emotional Freedom Technique.

Finally, you’ll receive the Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Journal – a downloadable blank journal in PDF format ready for you to inscribe with your own daily manifesting successes! Use this workbook to keep track of your new found abundances, and the gratitude you feel about each one. As you continue to build the evidence of your successes you will in turn be increasing your vibrational frequency more and more, causing you to attract even more experiences which will make you feel abundant and grateful!

Private sessions with me can cost up to $1500. Classes and programs $500.

But I want everyone who is willing and to have access to this information and these techniques.

The more we heal ourselves, the more we heal the world. And I for one want to live in a world with more abundance and love!

That’s why I’ve decided to offer this valuable program for only $29.

I’m not going to show you the reduced price, that’s a ridiculous marketing ploy aimed at convincing you that you”re getting a bargain.But you don’t need some gimicky sales copy to know that even if this meditation gave you only one hour of peace and calm it’d be worth far more than the $29!

At $29, most anyone who is really interested in learning how to manifest will be able to afford it, and still others will be able to obtain it soon enough – even if they do have to save or go without an unnecessary pleasure for a bit. And by paying for this valuable and informative tool, you’ll be putting yourself in alignment with some powerful Universal Laws of abundance and attraction, as well as giving your own subconscious a clear message that you are investing in yourself – but at a price that you can easily afford.

Rather than just having a printed book to read, you’ll have the voice of someone who cares and someone who knows how to use these tools with you, guiding you and helping you learn each time you listen and follow the directions. Through this recording, I’ll be there with you anytime you want.

If you’ve read this far, you know by now that I’ve been where you are, or worse. But because of my struggles and dedication to learning how to not fix problems, but rather create what I want, now I know how. And I’ve taught so many how to take control of their manifesting abilities, and I can teach you too.

But don’t just take my word for it – read the following real life client accolades sent to me after working with me personally just as you will when you access and use your own Living Harmony Magnetic Meditation program:

“Oh Cathleen, how can I ever thank you enough? When I came to you I was so desperate. I had to finally face

it, my business was failing. Though I was an expert in my field, when I went out on my own, I couldn’t seem to attract the kind of clients I wanted and even worse, I couldn’t get enough paying clients. I was sinking fast. Within just a few short months of regularly concentrating on what I actually wanted instead of what I thought I should be doing, and learning to align my energies, my life has completely turned around. I’m not a multi-millionaire yet, and maybe I’ll never be a true millionaire. But I can breathe! I am attracting wonderful clients who pay me regularly and gladly for my work. My bills are paid up and I’m even working on building my savings! I’ve found true freedom for now I know I can always create all the abundance I need.” Leslie S. – New York

Talk about being down and out. You have no idea how hard it was to be staring the bankruptcy papers right in the face! It was just a month away and I knew I was going to lose everything. Then I heard you speak in a free tele-class and I knew that it might not be as easy as the slick ads told me, but strange as it seemed at the time, something told me this was my chance to finally become financially free. And now I know it’s true. Working with you has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I’m no longer a victim to anything! Now I take charge of my energy and all my resources, and I know I can create and attract whatever I need and want. Of course my wanting is far reduced. In just a few months I was able to pay off some bills and begin saving some real cash. And best of all, I tore up those bankruptcy papers and never looked back! Thank you, thank you with all my admiration.” Ken J. – Florida

But, before you make your decision, let me tell you about…

My Personal Guarantee – It Ensures That Either YOU Benefit Or You Don’t Pay

The TRUTH is that there are NO guarantees anybody can give you about what you’ll actually create in your own life. In fact, that’s the most important point to learn: that your life is yours to experience, manage and live. The claims that you’ll instantly become a millionaire sound enticing, but they aren’t realistic. Why? Because nobody but you can manifest for you. Only you can say yes to the things in your life that will help you create what you want. Only you can learn the tools you need to know for yourself. But I can guarantee that you’ll benefit from listening even one time to this meditation and following the instructions as you enjoy the guided imagery. How much and in what ways you’ll benefit ultimately though, depends on you and the efforts you take to clear your own blocks and to learn the tools you need to create the life you want. That being said, I’m here to support you.

Here’s how it works.

There’s No Risk Whatsoever…

Use my Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation to deliberately manifest abundant cash… over the next 60 days.

Then, decide for yourself.

If you don’t enjoy the process, feel calmer about your money and have a sense that it’s coming to you or already here…just send me a message and I’ll be happy to refund your full purchase price. No questions asked.

But I’m not stopping there.

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For a limited time, I’m offering you a FREE 20 minute consultation with me, personally. That’s right.

You’ll have 20 minutes of one-on-one time direct with me to answer any of your questions about Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique or anything else you need to help you understand how to manifest more successfully.

But I’m not stopping there either.

As long as you’re committed you simply cannot lose. And if you discover you’d like to work one-on-one with me in private coaching, I’m offering you a 10% savings on the Living Harmony Financial Freedom program. Yep, even more abundance and you’ve not even begun using the meditation! This program is the same one I’ve used to create a successful business, and the same one my clients have used to create their own financial wellbeing. As soon as you order your Manifesting Abundant Cash program, you’ll receive my special invitation to join this tremendously insightful, helpful and effective program as well. And that invitation will be yours to use whenever you wish.

If You Follow My Systems – You’ll Benefit. I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE IT! And if you listen to this guided meditation and follow the instructions, you WILL see tangible differences in your experience.

DO NOT delay in making your decision.

This isn’t about some bogus marketing ploy aimed at getting you to buy now out of sheer panic. This is a digital product, so it’ll be there available for anyone who wants to access it, in any quantity. But your life, the rest of your life, depends on what you do in this moment…and in this…and in this…and so on.

It’s not for my benefit that you should act, but your own. Learning how to clear up the cash question is an essential fundamental element of successful living and peaceful wellbeing.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the people who are suffering because they are experiencing the pains of stress-induced illness, or the lonely people who can’t afford to engage in social activities, or the grieving people who lost their marriage over money issues.

Wallace Wattles was right when he told us that it’s not just an opportunity we have to earn income, but it’s an essential element of successful living. In our society we simply need cash money in order to live. And we need more cash money in order to fully develop ourselves, experience the fullness of our talents and engage joyfully in all that our world still has to offer us.

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below to purchase your copy right now and you too can be one of the happy people who have learned to create all the abundance, love, wellbeing and cash they desire…

In Living Harmony,

Creator of Living Harmony


Try my revolutionary guided meditation completely risk free.


Just in case you were wondering… there’s nothing “magical” about Living Harmony’s Magnetic Manifesting Meditation even though it may feel and sound like it. You really can be, do and have more and more of you want. You’ll need to do some work on it before it happens, but it really is possible.


If you think it’s just your pleasure to earn and have abundant cash, you’re wrong. It’s our duty to create a secure financial foundation on which to live ourselves so that we can avoid being a burden on others, and too so that we can support those we love. Even if you aren’t into giving to the people around you, there are needs that catch your attention. That’s the Universe calling your attention to something good you could do!

You REALLY CAN take control of your cash. You can learn to manifest your own miracles.


Remember my guarantees above. Order your copy of Living Harmony’s Magnetic Manifesting Meditation: Manifesting Abundant Cash today! Just click on the link below to get your Instant Download!

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation and application of the materials provided. As with any endeavor, there is no guarantee for your personal results.

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